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We offer strategic business consultancy and a full investment package service to provide better access to private capital for our clients from a wide range of industries.

Energy and Environment

Technology I+D

Food and Agricultural Technologies

Transport and Infrastructure

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Healthcare Technologies

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“We provide strategic possibilities for multinational expansion, building up a comprehensive financial model, forming alliances, raising additional funds, Joint-Ventures or partnering on various levels.”

Erez Maor
Managing Director

“We work with our clients to better evaluate and execute on achieving their strategic goals, while helping them identify and commercialize innovation into profitable products.”

Luis E. Villanueva

With presence in Israel and main financial cities in Europe – London, Madrid, Milan and Paris

Spain – Head Office

C/ Manuel Tovar 49
28034, Madrid, Spain
+34 91 417 04 57
+34 66 346 15 17


#7 Dovnov St.
Tel Aviv, 64732, Israel
+972 546 626 664
+972 546 626 664

United Kingdom

8 Palace court London
2W 4HR, UK
2W 4HR, UK
2W 4HR, UK